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Featuring our 7 Days in Partners

We have partnered with some amazing hospitality partners whose sole objective is to create an amazing adventure getaway.

The 7 Days In concept is centric to a partner hotel and a diverse mix of community partners in adventure, dining, entertainment and tempting your senses.  Explore your next 7 day adventure with our partner hotels.

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Stay at unique, independent hotels across the U.S., Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean.

360 Degree Immersion

Comprehensive Marketing solutions that drives sales

We deliver an immersive and high-quality visual representation of your space.

Morgan Turner Photography

Hello, I am Morgan Turner

A commercial photographer, based in the beautiful mountain city of Cranbrook. Creating eye-catching images that tell a story is what I do. From concept to creation, I love to transform ideas into visually engaging images that create value for the businesses and organizations I work with.

Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce

What can your Chamber do for you?

Our purpose is to lead a healthy business climate in Cranbrook. With over 400 members spanning the entire cross-section of the local economy, the chamber is in a strong position to build business and community.

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Konnekt 360 Services

Free 3-Hour Consultation

Let's Create a Plan

If you are a small business owner looking to create a marketing plan but aren't sure how to build that plan or your market, contact us for a FREE 3-hour marketing consultation.

We will go over your products and services, your desired market, your market position, online sales, and services and what your growth projection is for the next 1, 3, 5 and 10 years.

Reach out and book a consultation today.

Image Creative

Building your Image

Konnekt 360 has partnered with some amazing companies who offer world class imagery services. Sometimes the best results for getting your product or services marketed is simply by increasing your online imagery experience.

We offer 360-degree Immersive imagery in the form of still photos or video. Offer a 360-degree image of your space and transform a static image into an interactive image.

Photos are fantastic, but video tells a story. Engage your audience by giving them a videography tour of who your business is, what it does and how it will benefit your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Let's get the word out

Social Media is the cornerstone of success for most small businesses. However, it can be a daunting task for anyone not well versed in creating those eye-catching images or short videos.

Konnekt 360 has a very talented social media expert who will work closely with your business to create and build your brand. Working with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you can be certain your business will rise to the top of the Social Media ladder generating more clicks, views, and purchases.

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Once you have gone through your FREE 3-hour consultation we can begin the journey of building your business. This is where we take that 3-hours and formulate how you can build your business, your brand, your products, and services and most importantly, your revenues.

You can choose a By-the-hour package or a By-the-month package. Each package allows you to add on our Imagery services or Social Media services for an additional cost. Konnekt 360 will offer an honest and up-front approach to which program will suit your business best and we will never bill you for time where we are not actively working with your business. You have our full undivided attention.

The inspiration behind Konnekt 360 and the ever-changing tourism market.

The Konnekt 360 Story

Konnekt 360 is about creating tourism partnerships. While we primarily work with independent boutique hotels throughout Western Canada and the Western regions of the United States, Konnekt 360 also works with tourism partners in the communities of the hotels we work with.  

We work with small businesses in the tourism sector who are looking to market their products and services to the hotels in their community.  We also work with small businesses by offering a FREE 3 hour consultation to assist them in developing their marketing strategies, social media creativity, visual imagery through professional photos or immersive 360 degree photography or just to brainstorm some ideas of how they can build their business. 

Konnekt 360 firmly believes that the only way tourism can thrive in a community is if all accommodation providers and tourism centric markets work together to create a synergy. Why should it only be one or two hotels that work with Tourism providers to drive their products and services to their hotel guest market? Every hotel or accommodation provider should be working to build the tourism community and create the desire for tourists and visitors to stay longer than just one night.