Creating Tourism Partners

About Konnekt 360

I founded Konnekt 360 back in 2018 when I started my first Marketing and General Management contract with an independent boutique resort on Galiano Island, in the Southern Gulf Islands of BC.

I quickly realized that in order for the resort to become more competitive in the Southern Gulf Islands market, I needed to forge relationships or partnerships with all of the tourism and adventure businesses on the small island with a year round population of 900ish people.  I set out to create these partnerships offering unique experience packages for our guests, something no other resort was able to offer, and the success of these packages soon became apparent.  We had found our niche attraction market for visitors from the lower mainland area of Vancouver and from the Victoria/Saanichton area.

The Success of this marketing campaign evolved into the development of 7 Days In.  The 7 Days In platform has us working with multiple independent boutique hotels and resorts, some of which are Stash Rewards members, others who are not, and local tourism related companies and adventurists wanting to partner with the hotel we are working with.  We develop packages that create the tourist desire to stay 7 Days In.

I invite you to follow along as we add new hotels and resorts to our 7 Days In platform.  I encourage you to take a look at Stash Rewards, one of our tourism partners and look for your next 7 Days In adventure holiday.

Being a part of the community

Who we work with

We work with Community leaders to identify the need to invest in creating the tourism market. Communities need to bring forward action plans to encourage tourism investment while leading by example to energize local infrastructure. For this reason, we work with local Tourism Boards and Chambers of Commerce. These groups do a considerable amount of work with local businesses and tourism operators, but sometimes local budgets don’t allow them to provide marketing guidance to these operators which is where we step in and offer a complimentary 3 hours of marketing consulting services to local businesses who need some ideas of how to market and advertise themselves.

Konnekt 360 sits with various Tourism DMO's as well as several local Chambers of Commerce. We are lending our voice, our experience in hospitality marketing, our services and our commitment to help build small business.